Tomate Cherry Ok     Tomate Raf Ok
Cherry                                         Raf

Tomate Pera Ok     Tomate Colgar Ok
Pear                                             Vine

Tomate Kumato Ok

Binomial name: Lycopersicon esculentum

We are in front of a plant of the Solanaceae family. There are almost one hundred varieties of tomato, from America.

Origin: the tomato is native to the Andes, although its gastronomic importance has brought it to cultivate it all over the world. It arrived to Europe from Mexico, no without difficulties, althought in the beginning it was considered a poisonous plant. In the 18th century, tomato sauce appeared in the Old World, and with it the triumph of this vegetable.

Medicinal values: tomato does not stand out by any specifically medicinal property, but it helps to improve all the parts of the human body. It possesses a high amount of vitamin A, C and E, what stimulates our general system. It is indicated for any type of diet, it has a low energetic value and it helps in the diuretic function and circulatory system.

Caloric value per 100 g: 39 kcal

Varieties: Cherry, Raf, Pear, Daniela, Vine, Kumato, Cluster.

Curiosities: at the beginning, the tomato was refused in Europe due to its resemblance with the poisonous berries. At present, the Mediterranean kitchen would be inconceivable without this vegetable.