Binomial name: Pyrus communis L.

It is a fruit with fleshy mesocarp and leathery endocarp. It has a teardrop shape or pyriform pear-shape with an elongated basal portion and a bulbous end.

Origin: this fruit is native to East Europe and Western Asia. The Greeks and Romans brought their cultivation in the Ebro river basin.

Medicinal values: it fights against hypertension and fluid retention. It is advisable for athletes and diabetics. It is also recommended in cases of have difficulty chewing some foods, neurological diseases, malnutrition, as well as anorexia or loss of appetite.

Caloric value per 100 g: 38 kcal

Varieties: Conference, Blanquilla, Comice, Limonera.

Curiosities: seeds have some toxicity because they contain amygdalin, which is broken down to cyanide when is mixed with a saliva substance.