Binomial name: Prunus persica L.

It is a deciduous tree of almost 6 m height.

Origin: it comes from China, and from there it was exported to Persia through the commercial routes in the mountains. In 330 B.C. it was arrived to Greece, and during the Middle Ages its cultivation became widespread in Europe.

Medicinal values: its main value derives in its richness in carotenes, especially xanthophyll, that gives it a yellow colour. It has an anticarcinogenic action, especially in cases of stomach cancer.

Caloric value per 100 g: 30 kcal

Varieties: about 2.000 different species of this tree can be distinguished all over the world. BABYGOLD, MAY CREST, QUEE CREST, MERRYL.

Curiosities: the traditional association between this fruit and the carnal desire is especially marked in cultures as the Chinese, where the peach was used as a representation of the female genitals.