Binomial name: Muse sapientum

It is oblong shaped, elongated and slightly curved; the unit may weigh more than 200 grams.

Origin: its native to South Asia. Its production was then extended to the Mediterranean by 650 A.C. It arrived to Canary Islands in the 15th century and from there it was taken to America. The platain and apple banana (from Southeast Asia) extended until Central and South America and subtropical Africa.

Medicinal values: it recommends for athletes, for elevated cholesterol levels, hypertension and cardiovascular risk, as well as in stress events or in low defense level.

Value calórico by each 100 g: 85 kcal

Varieties: Gros Michel, Pequeña Enana, Gran Enana, Zelig.

Curiosities: in tropical countries, platain is used to do flour with which a bread of high alimentary value is made, dehydrating the pulpa.