Binomial name: Citrus reticulata

The tree is small, between 3 – 5 m height. It has usually the trunk twisted and without spines.

Origin: it comes from East and South-East Asia, and from China was entered in Southern Europe, North Africa and North America, places where it is cultivated from the 19th century.

Medicinal values: the most remarkable of this valuable fruit is its high content in vitamin C. Mandarins taken four pieces per day cover the daily needs of this vitamin. It is fundamental in the diet of pregnant women, smokers, newborns and diabetics.

Caloric value per 100 g: 41 kcal


Clementine: Clemenules, Oronules, Hernandina.

Satsuma: Owari, Clausellina.

Curiosities: the name of the father Pierre Clément is the one who gave the term to the clementine, after being discovered by him in the garden of a hospice in Algeria, of which he was proprietary.