Binomial name: Prunus armeniaca L.

The apricot tree is a small deciduous tree of crown rounded, that can reach 10 m height.

Origin: it is native to the temperate areas of Asia (North Korea, South of the region of Usuria, Manchuria and North China).

Medicinal values: thanks to provitamin A and beta-carotene, the apricots are recommended for skin troubles, as well as cardiovascular, degenerative and cancer diseases. Besides, apricot has diuretic qualities.

Caloric value per 100 g: 48 kcal

Varieties: Bulida, Moniquí, Galta Roja.

Curiosities: the french philosopher and man of letters Fontenelle (1657 – 1757) was a regular consumer of some recipes that his grandmother made with fresh, dry or canned apricots. He attributed his longevity to this fruit.