Binomial name: Fragaria sp.

The plant of the strawberry is an herbaceous perennial plant, and it has a root system divided in roots and rootlets.

Origin: new varieties generated at the entrance of Virginia strawberry, in the 19th century, managed to increase the size, but also diminish the flavour. Afterwards it crossed this variety with a Chilean one and it achieved the balance, obtaining a big and tasty strawberry.

Medicinal values: it boosts the immune system, it improves skin status and it regulates hepatic functions.

Caloric value per 100 g: 24 kcal

Varieties: Camarosa, Oso grande, Pájaro.

Curiosities: if pregnant woman carry a little bag with strawberry leaves is said to they will alleviate them the typical discomforts of pregnancy. For medieval stonemasons, who sculpted strawberry forms, this fruit represented perfection and uprightness.