Berenjena Rallada Ok

Aubergine with striping


Binomial name: Solanum melongena L.

The root system is very strong and deep. The erect stalks can grow up to 3 metres high.

Origin: botanists locate its origin in India, Burma and China.

Medicinal values: its main therapeutic qualities are: anti anemic, laxative, diuretic, hepatic and pancreatic stimulating, and calming. The aubergine leaves can be used as poultice in burns, hemorrhoids and cold-sores.

Caloric value per 100 g: 25 kcal

Varieties: Globular, Elongated.

Curiosities: in Europe, for centuries, aubergine was used only as an exotic ornament, because it was believed that its consumption was causing bad breath, leprosy and cancer.