Calabaza Violín Ok



Binomial name: Cucurbita pepo L.

It is a plant with a root system very powerful. Stalks are long, flexible, creeping, with tendrils to attach to.

Origin: although some sources situate its origin in America, it seems that it comes from South Asia.

Medicinal values: it is indicated to cure the constipation, hemorrhoids, heart problems, insomnia, diabetes, etc. The seeds are used in case to suffer intestinal worm infections and in prostatic hypotrophy. Its high content in fibre and a low calorific value makes the pumpkin a quite diuretic food.

Value calórico by each 100 g: 24 kcal

Varieties: Round, Cabello de Ángel or lengthened.

Curiosities: since antiquity, the thick-skinned pumpink has been used as kitchenware, container for warm the water, musical instrument, etc.