Cebollita Tierna Ok     Cebolla Morada Ok

Scallion                                      Purple onion

Cebollino Ok



Binomial name: Allium cepa L.

The root system is formed by a bunch of white roots, lack of a taproot and a stalk, from which are born the roots below the ground and the leaves above it.

Origin: it comes from Asia, specifically, Iran and Afghanistan.

Medicinal values: it is apt to treat respiratory diseases because of its high content in A and C vitamins; and for nerve disorders because of vitamin B. It also contains minerals, iron and phosphorus, making it a very appropriate food to replace red corpuscles and addressing anaemia.

Caloric value per 100 g: 47 kcal

Varieties: Valencian, Chalote, Tender, Cebollino, Babosa, White, Purple.

Curiosities: when we slice onions, its cells break and they free the sulphur that contain. When this sulphurous volatilised oil makes contact with eye moisture, it produces a chemical reaction that generates the sulphuric acid. This is the source of an annoying burning feeling, that our organism tries to alleviate producing an increased tear secretion.