Col de Bruselas Ok     Col China Ok

Brussels sprout                   Chinese

Col Lombarda Ok     Coliflor Ok

Col de la Lombarde           Cauliflower


Binomial name: Brassica oleracea

It is a herbaceous and biennial vegetable cultivated annually, with oval and oblong leaves.

Origin: the cabbage origin is not clear. However, it seems to be from coastal areas, both at home and abroad.

Medicinal values: cabbages have several therapeutic properties. For example, it is known its use as a diuretic, due to it helps to eliminate fluids accumulated in the body. It is also useful to help in diseases like diabetes, obesity or uric acid.

Caloric value per 100 g: 28 kcal

Varieties: Col de la Lombarde (sprouts or red), Brussels sprout, cauliflower, curling, cabbage, roman cauliflower.

Curiosities: although Brussels sprout is cultivated nowadays in a lot of European countries, its name was given because of the early use (more than a century) that gave them in Belgium. Denomination was taken from the Belgian capital, where these cabbage buds measures between 2 and 4 cm long.