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Binomial name: Malus sylvestris Mill.

The fruit of the apple tree has a globular shape and is sunked at the extremes of the axis.

Origin: the apple, of the genera Malus and Rosaceae family, is one of the most cultivated fruits. The majority it comes from the M. domestica genus or the hybrids derived from it.

Medicinal values: it cleans the teeth, it reinforces the gums, it reduces cholesterol and it has antiviral action. Besides it eliminates toxins, it improves digestion and, baked or in compote, it prevents constipation. Finally, it is also softening and antiseptic.

Caloric value per 100 g: 45 kcal

Varieties: the apple is one of the fruits with more varieties all over the world, because of its capacity to adapt and resistance. TOP RED, RED DELICIOUS, GRANNY SMITH, GOLDEN SUPREME, FUJI, PINK LADY, ROYAL GALA.

Curiosities: according to Guido Rojas, in Genesis is not said that the fruit tested by Eve and Adam was an apple. Perhaps they ate a fig, a walnut, a vetch or an orange.