Endibia morada

Red endive


Binomial name: Cichrium intybus L.

Endive is also knowned as Brussels chicory and it belongs to the Asteraceae family. This vegetable has an alike appearance to the lettuce cabbage.

Origin: experts point out its origin in the Mediterranean area. During the Greek and Roman period, population consumed the green leaves and used the roots with medicinal ends. In the 17th century this vegetable was very appreciated in France and the Netherlands, so its importance grow and it started its cultivation.

Medicinal values: this vegetable has low energy intake, that’s why it is indicated for those people who are following a slimming regime. Endive is a healthy vegetable, so it is also recommended to prevent some diseases. Its content in vitamin A is helpful for the vision.

Caloric value per 100 g: 54 kcal

Varieties: Belgian endive, red endive.

Curiosities: some endive varieties are used in an agro-industrial form to obtain a coffee substitute.