Binomial name: Asparagus officinalis

Asparagus is classified in the lily family. It is a perennial herbaceus plant and it is formed by aerial and ramified stalks.

Origin: the Mediterranean is, with all security, the exact origin of asparagus, from which it is known that it was consumed by the Egyptians and the Greeks.

Medicinal values: as other vegetables, asparagus has a moderate diuretic effect, so, consumed in excess, it can cause mild bladder irritations. Its high content in fibre is recommended to fight against constipation; besides, it has a sedative effect that in the olden days it was conceived as an aphrodisiac.

Caloric value per 100 g: 24 kcal

Varieties: we differentiate two kind of asparagus owing to its color, given by their way of farming: white and green.  

Curiosities: white asparagus have fewer vitamins than green ones.