Broad bean

Binomial name: Vicia faba

Broad beans belong to Leguminosae family, specifically, Papilionaceae family. Pods can measure 35 cm.

Origin: experts situate its origin in the Middle East. According to them, this vegetable travelled around countries through the Mediterranean until arrived to our culture. Later, it was introduced in China due to the Silk Road, and afterwards it arrived to America.

Medicinal values: this plant has a lot of vitamins and proteins, so they are especially recommended for health. Besides, its consumption helps to eliminate fat in arteries; therefore it is indicated to reduce cholesterol.

Caloric value per 100 g: 64 kcal

Varieties: Agridulce or sevillana, granadina, Mahón (white and purple).

Curiosities: because of the bad digestion that produces its consumption at night, in the Middle Age it was thought that it was an evil fruit.