Lechuga Hoja de Roble Ok     Lechuga Romana Ok

“Roble”                                        Romain

Lollo Rosa Ok     Lollo Verde Ok

Lollo rosso                               Green Lollo

Lechuga Cogollo Ok

Head lettuce


Binomial name: Lactuca sativa

The lettuce belongs to the Asteraceae family and to the lactuca gender. This vegetable has changed throughout history. At present, its leaves are usually green, whatever the type of lettuce is; and lettuce has become the main ingredient in a good salad.

Origin: there is a confusion on the origin of the lettuce. What is certain is that this plant is very common, and we can find it sometimes in the wild.

Medicinal values: it has a lot of vegetables characteristics, so it aids digestion, intestinal activity, and it is a powerful diuretic.

Caloric value per 100 g: 13 kcal

Varieties: to discuss about lettuce is to do it of innumerable species, between them, Batavian, with green leaves and reddish tips; Iceberg, round, with big leaves and in a cabbage; Butterhead, similar to the iceberg but smaller; “Roble“, with curled leaves, green and brown; Lollo rosso, from Italy and red; Romaine, also called Spanish and with lengthened form, and Head lettuce, that is cultivated in the bank of the River Ebro.