Binomial name: Cichorium endive

Escarole is an annual and biannual plant, pertaining to the Asteraceae family.

Origin: its origin is uncertain, as it has been cultivated in zones so different as the Mediterranean or the Indian. What seems very clear is the consumption by Egyptians, natural or cooked. In Spain, curled-leaved endives have always been cultivated, but no broad-leaved endives, that began to produce in the 1960s .

Medicinal values: it contains a lot of minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium or potassium, in addition to a particle designated intibina, that gives it a bitter flavour and that brings benefits to the digestive system.

Caloric value per 100 g: 22 kcal

Varieties: based on its morphology, exist two types of escaroles: broad-leaved or latifolium and curled-leaved or crispum.

Curiosities: because of its neutral flavour and, in some cases, bitter, the escarole combines with fruits like the pomegranate, with which it can be used in salads.