Binomial name: Solanum tuberosum

It is a plant of the Solanaceae family, of the gender solanum. It is a starchy, tuberous crop.

Origin: the potato is native to South America, but nowadays it is cultivated all over the world. In the 16th century it arrived to Europe, and from there it was spread to the rest of the world, included United States and Canada, where it arrived in the 18th century. At the beginning, the potato was only intended for fodder.

Medicinal values: people who have kidney problems must leave to soak potatoes to remove potassium before eat it, during, at least 10 hours. It is also indicated for obese people, since it contains very few kilocalories, although they never have to eat it fried but boiled. Diabetics can also eat it, although without abusing.

Caloric value per 100 g: 86 kcal

Varieties: red, white, purple.

Curiosities: the Netherlands is regarded as the leading country in potatoes. Dutch potatoes have more than 250 varieties.