Binomial name: Petroselinum crispum

It is a biannual plant that it is cultivated for its leaves. The stalks are erect, and the leaves, smooth or curling, very aromatic and hairless petiole.

Origin: parsley is a plant native to the Mediterranean area, although it is cultivated across Europe, since its use as a condiment is very widespread.

Medicinal values: it is diuretic, since it helps to eliminate body fluids; it also helps in digestion, it reduces flatulences and it whets the appetite; it is useful as eyedrops, as it alleviates overworked eyes; it also calms earache, toothache and tendons; it protects the capillary wall so that it will be more resistant to the blows; it transmits a relaxing effect to our body; it combats bad breath; it stimulates menstrual cycle.

Caloric value per 100 g: 55 kcal

Varieties: common parsley and the curling one are the most usual.

Curiosities: parsley thin your blood and prevent clotting. This makes it a dangerous food to small birds; we do not have to give it to our canary or parakeet.