Pimiento Italiano Ok     Pimiento Amarillo Ok
Italian                                         Yellow

Pimiento Rojo Ok     Pimiento Verde Ok
Red                                              Green

Pimiento Padrón Ok
Padrón pepper

Binomial name: Capsicum annuum L.

The pepper belongs to the Solanaceae family, the same as the tomato. It is an annual herbaceus plant.

Origin: pepper is native to the area of Bolivia and Peru. It was Christopher Columbus the one who entered it in the European continent.

Medicinal values: peppers are diuretic, digestive and blood tonic. They are indicated in cases of hypertension, gout, kidney stones and urine retention.

Caloric value per 100 g: 22 kcal

Varieties: Lamuyo, green and red, Californian, jalapeño, yellow, anaranjado, Italian.

Curiosities: capsaicin, a compost present in all the species “Capsicum”, stimulates sensory receptors and epidermis pain. It produces a sense of burning in the mouth, that most of mammal find unpleasant. It is thought that the manufacture of this substance is a protection measure to avoid that the fruits of the plant are eaten. The capsaicin does not affect birds, since if they eat the fruits, in return they propagate the seeds.