Binomial name: Allium porrum

The leek is a vegetable of the lilly family, that has more than 3.500 species. In addition to leek, also garlics, onions and chieves belong to the Allium gender.

Origin: it seems to be from South Asia, and it is cultivated from the antiquity. However, its exact origin is unknown, because it has never found a wild variety. The leek was very appreciated in ancient civilisations, as the Hebrew, the Greek and the Roman, that they included this vegetable to their diet and it was used it also to cure diverse illneses.

Medicinal values: water is the main ingredient of the leek, so it is recommended to people that is following a weight loss diet. Its high content in fibre improves intestinal traffic, and vitamin C applies a powerful antioxidant function in the organism.

Caloric value per 100 g: 26 kcal


– Short and semi-long: Grueso de Rouen, Musselburgh, Platina.

– Long: Of Gennevillier, Of Meziers, Of Bulgaria.

Curiosities: leeks were very appreciated in the ancient Egypt, where Pharaohs considered them exquisite. Inside some pyramids there are hieroglyphic that show slaves eating leeks like something usual.